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Here are links to some background information about Until the Rulers Obey: Voices From Latin American Social Movements.

PM Press publisher’s product sheet: Until the Rulers Obey basic info

Additional information on the book’s contents: Until the Rulers Obey more info

Endorsements: URO endorsements-1-2-14

Library Journal “Highly recommended for those interested in social change in Latin America or looking for a primary-source reader for modern Latin American history.”
Upside Down World  “A major advance in the effort to acquaint North American activists with the Latin American grassroots”

Staughton Lynd in Z Magazine “The tumultuous variety of experiences presented in these pages is itself an important fact.”

Ceasefire Magazine (UK) “Provides an invaluable panorama of Latin America in movement…”

JJ Amaworo Wilson “As a writer, I naturally gravitate towards the extraordinary stories…but in truth it’s the grassroots activists who work day after day, year after year, that I admire the most. Here their voices are heard.”

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