New social movements show another world is possible
“Argentina’s 2001 economic collapse gave birth to social movements that showed that another world is possible. Neighbors gathered in popular assemblies, workers took over their factories, and unemployed workers (piqueteros) staged massive road blockades, all rebelling against austerity and demanding an end to impunity for crimes against humanity, while employing horizontal and democratic organizing methods.
“Crisis spurred this upsurge of activity, but it arose in a highly politicized country with a long history of struggle…”
—Marie Trigona, from her introduction to the Argentina chapter of Until the Rulers Obey


Diego Benegas Loyo, H.I.J.O.S. (Daughters and Sons for Identity and Justice Against Forgetting and Silence) and Argentina’s escraches
“Silence and fear seem to work together, but they also go away together”
Diego Benegas Loyo has been closely involved with H.I.J.O.S. as both a participant and a researcher, and offered his reflections for inclusion in the book.

Franco Basualdo/Prensa de Frente (Front Press)
“We want bottom-up change through action and not only talk among a handful of people.”
Interview by Marcy Rein and Clifton Ross, September 2008

Ernesto “Lalo” Paret, Movement of Recovered Companies
‘Hunger made us unite’
Interview by Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein, April 2012

Claudia Acuña, Colectivo lavaca
“We exposed how obscene and pornographic the economic model is.”
Interview by Marcy Rein and Clifton Ross, April 2012

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