El Salvador

El Salvador’s social movements win people’s victory at the polls amid growing US militarism
“El Salvador’s historic presidential elections in 2009 signaled a new era of popular struggle in the country. Despite a multi-million-dollar corporate fear campaign that promised the people would suffer if they voted for the Left, the FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front)—former guerilla army turned political party in 1992—won the presidency for the first time….
“The Salvadoran social movement is most directly charged with the task of challenging the economic model the United States and the Salvadoran Right have aggressively maintained, since few deterrent measures can be taken within the government at this time. This situation raises critical and important questions. For example, what can the FMLN do at the state level as a political party to end the country’s participation in the neoliberal project while the President [former President Mauricio Funes] has shown his willingness to comply? If that’s not enough, can community resistance prevail?”

—from J. Heyward’s introduction to
the El Salvador chapter of Until the Rulers Obey

Marcelo Rivera was assassinated for his work in mobilizing resistance to mining in his Cabañas community. His brother Miguel stands in front of a shrine to his memory, surrounded by friends and neighbors. Photo by Clifton Ross.

Miguel Rivera /Community organizer
‘Water Is More Valuable Than Gold’
Interview and translation by Clifton Ross, August 2009

Members of the Coordinadora del Bajo Lempa y Bahía de Jiquilisco
 ‘The opportunity has come for us to build a power with roots that neither the wind nor anything will be able to move or uproot’
Interview and translation by Clifton Ross, July 2009

Lilian Coto de Cuellar/ Coordinator, FMLN National Secretariat for Women
‘Women of all political stripes are struggling for our right to participate’
Interview and translation by Clifton Ross, July 2009

Oswaldo Natarén and members of the University Front of Roque Dalton/Frente Universitario Roque Dalton, FURD
Voices from the Leftist Student Movement in El Salvador
Interview by J. Heyward, November 2012