A nation at the crossroads

“President Hugo Chávez’s death in March 2013 unleashed a series of crises, beginning in mid-April when his hand-picked candidate, Nicolás Maduro, won by a 1.5 percent margin in elections opponents claimed were fraudulent and illegal. Shortages of consumer goods, a shrinking supply of dollars for imports, a growing debt, and a dysfunctional economy are making life harder for Venezuela’s 99 percent. A growing majority views the ruling party as illegitimate, incompetent, irresponsible, and corrupt. The future in which many around the world invested so much hope looks increasingly uncertain.”
—Clifton Ross, from his introduction to the Venezuela chapter of Until the Rulers Obey

Venezuela, May Day 2006. Photo by Clifton Ross

Until the Rulers Obey includes five interviews from Venezuela:

Rosangela Orozco/ El Panal 2021 Commune, Barrio 23 de Enero, Caracas
‘Socialism is something you have to practice’
Interview and translation by Susan Spronk and Jeffery R. Webber, August 2012

J. Arturo Albarrán/ Ministry of Agriculture and Land, and Consejo Socialista Nacional De Agroecología (COSONA, National Socialist Council for Agroecology)
‘You have to walk hand in hand with the people.’
Interview by Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein, January 2011; translation by Clifton Ross

María Vicenta Dávila/ Popular Educator
‘I consider President Chávez to be a popular educator.’
Interview by Marcy Rein and Clifton Ross, January 2011; translation by Clifton Ross

Alexis Romero/ Pémon in Resistance
“We should be the ones who exploit these resources.”
Interview by Pepe el Toro, from El Libertario, Edition 69, April-May 2013; translation and editing by Clifton Ross

Orlando Chirino/ oil industry worker and member of United Autonomous Revolutionary Class Current
“Those who don’t meet people like us, who are taking up a left political agenda, won’t hear this version of history.”
Interview and translation by Clifton Ross, May 2013

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